A podcast series where Jeannette Paulson Hereniko and friends tell their stories about maneuvering through America's shifting expectations on how a proper woman should look and behave.




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Jeannette Paulson Hereniko

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I am enormously grateful to Vera Zambonelli and Sheree Lipton who provided the resources that made WILD WISDOM the podcast series a reality..

Shirley Thompson, Jann Grossman Paulson, Lee Weinstein and John Sereni kindly contributed to the look and sound of the website and podcast series.

Rekha Murthy provided me with the professional guidance I needed to begin and the encouragement I needed to continue. 

One of my favorite Storytellers is.my husband, Vilsoni Hereniko, whose unswerving support, limitless patience, and love provide the foundation that makes all possible.


A multitude of friends and family members have encouraged and nudged me forward to tell my stories and realize my dream to create WILD WISDOM the podcast series. 

Their names are written inside my heart where I will never forget them..